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Should you own both a laptop and desktop?

Laptop and Desktop
Written by James

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Well, if someone asked me to answer this question without any other information, I would still say ‘Yes’. But for some PC users, a second PC that is a desktop is a necessity. A desktop in your home, at the very least, can serve as a mini-server for storing your large applications, files, picture, videos, software downloads, etc. PC can be a substitute in case of laptop failure. Desktop can offer extra space in case you are a heavy user who like gamers, photographers, video fanatics.

Unless you are purchasing a top of the line gaming desktop, they are usually much cheaper than a comparable laptop, so   desktop ownership is relatively cheap. In addition, one of the issues that you may run across with a laptop is, in many cases, a laptop runs hotter than a desktop, so if you like to run graphically intensive games or applications, a laptop may not be the best choice as it could easily overheat causing damage to the motherboard. Passive-only cooling system is applied in laptops.

 GPU fans are used to draw the extra heat away from the processors.

 By contrast, a desktop not only has cooling fans for the CPU/GPU that perform this same function, but they also have a more active cooling system in the way of case cooling fans that blow air across the interior of the case. In my desktop, I have a separate fan for both the CPU and GPU, plus three case fans (5 fans in all), so my desktop stays nice and cool no matter what application I run. Space inside the case is an advantage that the desktop has over the laptop. By contrast, my laptop gets so hot when running certain apps that I cannot place it on my lap without burning my legs or at least drenching them in sweat.

So for those of you who experience the same issues running these graphically intensive apps on your laptop, I recommend that you purchase a desktop for running these apps rather than risking a laptop meltdown. It can actually impact psychologically, knowing that you have a backup PC in case of failure.

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