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Mileage log for taxes? Here’s how to do it

Mileage log for taxes
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Mileage tracking may appear challenging and overwhelming at first, but with the right tools, like a mileage log app, it becomes much easier. This article will answer all of your questions and show you how easy the process may be.

Who needs to track mileage and why?

There are a few cases in which tracking mileage is necessary.

1. You’re self-employed  and you’re tracking mileage for taxes 

2. You are an employee using your own car, and you get mileage reimbursement. 

3. Tracking mileage for the employer owning a fleet of vehicles, to get expenses back and keep track of the drivers. 

Keep a simple mileage log for taxes or mileage reimbursement with an efficient mileage tracker app.

Mileage reimbursement

Simple mileage logs are necessary for mileage reimbursement, or for recovering your expenses for driving your private car on business as an employee. 

There are two ways of calculating mileage reimbursement. A lot of employees use the standard mileage rate, which is set by the IRS on yearly basis, and it equals 58.5 cents per mile driven in the first half of 2022, and 62.5 per mile since July 1. The rate includes both fixed and variable costs. 

Tracking mileage for taxes: the technical side of things

The most traditional way of tracking mileage includes pen-and-paper or Excel, but they’re extremely ineffective, wasting your time, and not automated at all. What’s more, it’s pretty simple to make a mistake, which may result in an IRS fine.

A mileage tracker app will save you time, automate the process, and track logical conflicts, preventing you from any fines.

The most important features of a mileage tracker app

A mileage tracker app will give you almost limitless options:

  • retrospective mileage logs
  • mass distance calculations 
  • shared dashboard for teams
  • IRS-approved mileage log
  • vehicle-client pairing
  • standard mileage rate list
  • built-in IRS-auditor

Forgot to track your mileage? (You can backtrack it with MileageWise)

Based on the previous records of your trips, a MileageWise app is able to backtrack the missing mileage logs in case you’ve forgotten to record them. It’s the unique feature of the mileage logbook app, saving you from paying fines in case of an IRS audit. Find MileageWise app on Google Play.

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