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How to Secure Yourself from Keyloggers

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The methods for protecting yourself from keyloggers.

What is Keylogging and Keylogger?

Keylogging is one of the most effective and dangerous ways of hacking. In this method, activities on the victim’s PC are recorded and the useful information is obtained. Tools used for keylogging are known as Keyloggers. Keyloggers may record the following activities generally :

Protection From Keyloggers

  • Keystrokes (Keys pressed by keyboard)
  • Website Logs
  • Messenger Logs
  • Video Recording
  • Screenshots
  • Webcam Images etc.
  • Different keyloggers have different capacities.

Risks Caused Due to Keyloggers

If someone is infected by keylogger in his/her system it may be dangerous in many ways such as :

Bank account details such as debit card, credit card and net banking information may be theft or leaked.

Personal data may be revealed out.

  • Email accounts and social networking accounts may be hacked and misused easily.
  • Webcam Images, Screenshots may be misused.
  • Voice and Video recording is also possible.

Types of Keyloggers

There are basically two types of keyloggers :

Hardware Keylogger : Hardware keyloggers are the devices used externally in a PC to capture the data. A hardware keylogger is generally attached between keyboard and CPU as shown in the figure.175px-Keylogger-hardware-PS2-example-connected

Software Keylogger : Software keyloggers are software installed on the victim’s PC and run with the system and send the data either by mail or another source. These generally work in hidden mode and user can not see normally if it is installed on the system. Mostly keyloggers are used in Cyber Cafe to steal the information of a huge amount of users. It may be either hardware as well as software keylogger too.

How Keyloggers are Spread?

Software keyloggers are spread either by remote installation in the victim’s system or they may be installed while attached with any other file(may be image,text,video or any other) and given to the victim. When victim runs this file keylogger installs in hidden mode.

How to Protect From Keyloggers?

There are many ways to secure yourself from keyloggers. Below, I am going to discuss these methods :

Use of KeyScrambler : Keyscrambler is a software which encrypts the keystrokes first (at the time of pressing any key) and decrypts at the destination so that keylogger receives useless keystrokes. Hence as a user press any key keyscrambler simultaneously encrypts it; then it passes any keylogger and again decrypts it after it at the destination where real keystrokes are needed. Hence, it protects keystrokes and takes the user to a safe zone. A good keyscrambler may be downloaded from internet, but personally I prefer antilogger instead of Keyscrambler.

Use of Firewall : Using a good and updated firewall is always beneficial as it checks if any program is sending out the data and gives the information regarding it to the user. Some firewalls are used to block the incoming and outgoing data too.

Use of a Good and Updated Antivirus : As soon as any keylogger is installed in your system remotely or else the antivirus will detect it and stop from being installed. Some times antivirus can not detect keylogger due to the crypter used along with it which male it undetectable for antiviruses.

Use of Zemena Antilogger : Zemena antilogger is especially made for protection against keyloggers. It not only prevents a keylogger from catching keystrokes but also from screenshots, website logs, chat logs, webcam images etc. It may be downloaded from Here.

Use Of Password Manager : Password manager is simply meant for remembering the passwords. Once the password is entered, password manager will remember it and further user will not need to enter it again and hence no keystrokes will be recorded if the keylogger is installed later. Few good browsers have password managers by own or online good password managers are also available like roboform,lastpass,keepass etc.

Use of On-Screen Keyboard : On-Screen keyboard is a useful utility as keys are not pressed but selected by the mouse and hence keystrokes can not be recorded by any keylogger and user can easily login anywhere.

Use of Linux : This method is not user friendly but according to this method if a user is using Linux operating system, then he/she is secure from keyloggers as Linux does not allow executable files and thus the keyloggers too.

How to Stop a Working Keylogger?

A keylogger may be stopped if it is known which process is associated with it. It may be generally stopped by removing it from startup services, if it is known.In a running system it may be stopped using task manager and stopping its process of .exe (if known).

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