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How To Root Android Without PC

How to Root Android
Written by James

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Last Updated on January 8, 2021 by James

In this article, we will be covering How to root android without pc or computer. We all have come across the term “rooting android device”, and it is known that there are different ways to root the android devices.

Rooting a device means you shall gain the “privileged control” which can also be said as the “Root Access” to your device. But the unique point of this article is, we are going to show you, how you can root the android devices without making use of the Computer.

And when it is about rooting the android device without a computer, there are different applications that can be used. With these one-click applications, it has become really convenient even for a novice, to root their devices.

Here are some of the solutions for rooting your android without PC

Solution 1: Using FramaRoot

To root the android device without a computer you can make use of a reliable one-click application known as FramaRoot. These are the following steps by which you use the apps to root:

After downloading the FramaRoot, go to the phone settings, click on security and then again click on “check the box”. Click on “yes” when a warning message pops up “install apps from unknown source”.

After that choose, the “install superuser” from the menu and then either of the exploits should be selected.

Now, your phone starts rooting automatically and you need to wait for a few seconds. You shall be notified with a pop-up message that “Success, Superuser, and SU binary has been installed”.

You are done.

Solution 2: Universal Android root app

This can be said to be an alternative for the FramaRoot and is also considered as the best “one click Android root app” in the present market. Check out how this works:

Similar to the previous app, you have to download this one in your phone storage, and then go to the settings of your phone.

As we have seen in the previous application, go to the security and click on “check the box” and click on “yes” when the pop-up message arrives.

After that, you need to open the root option. And make sure you select the perfect root option.When you have selected the mobile OS version correctly, auto root shall take place.After that, you shall get a message “your device has been rooted successfully”.

Solution 3: using TowelRoot

This is another great solution for rooting Android devices. The TowelRoot is prepared by Geohot and can be called as an alternative to the Universal Android Roots apps. The steps for using this app are simple and the first two steps are same as previous applications.

After you go to settings and complete the steps for “install apps from unknown source”, then install the TowelRoot app from your android device.

Once the app is installed, click on “make it ra1n”. And then click on the exploit. After that confirm super user installation and click on “install anyway”. Just ignore it when the warning comes.

Solution 4: using vRoot:

This application is created by Chinese developers, but it is available in many languages. For this app, you need to disable the antivirus. Proceed as mentioned for other applications and then install the vRoot to the android device.

So, this was how you can easily root android without PC. If you still face any problems, drop a comment below.

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