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Common Electric Heater Issues and How to Fix Them

Electric Heater Issues
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It is not difficult to set up an electric heater as they just need to be unpacked and plugged in. However, some precautions do need to be taken when using electric heaters including ensuring they are placed away from any flammable items. There are also a number of issues commonly associated with electric heaters, most of which can be fixed relatively simply.


Electric heaters tend to be very durable but this does not mean that they are immune to faults. In many cases, however, simple troubleshooting can repair these faults. 

If the unit will not turn on it is a good idea to check the switch. Sometimes the switch may not fit as snugly in the socket as it should, which results in the unit not receiving power. Users should also look for a blown fuse by following the user manual instructions. 

If the fan is not working, take a look at the fan wiring, which should be connected to the heater motor. If this is not the case the fan will cease to function. The fan may also not fit if there are any obstructions, so these should also be looked for. 

Lack of heat is another common issue with electric heaters. The electric heater can appear to be working yet giving off little to no actual heat. In this instance, you will need to check the thermostat settings but if they are fine then an element may be faulty. 


It is extremely important to properly maintain an electric heater. An electric heater that has been well maintained should last a long time. Elements can become faulty because they gather dust over time so it is important to clean the element gently in order to remove any gathered dust. 

Cleaning an electric heater once every month should be enough though those that are used very regularly may require cleaning twice every month.

Electric heaters should be kept away from pets and young children as not only could they be injured by them but the heater controls could be disrupted, causing malfunctions. 

Storing unused electric heaters

When not in use an electric heater needs to be carefully stored. Electric heaters should be clean when they are put into storage, including the element and tungsten heaters. After cleaning has been performed the electric heater should be covered and then properly stored. Storing an electric heater in its original packaging is strongly recommended. However, if this is not possible then the heater should be covered with plastic. Make certain that surrounding items cannot damage the electric heater while it is in storage. 

Safety issues

Electric heaters are usually reasonably safe to use. However, a malfunctioning electric heater does pose a fire hazard, making it important to maintain a heater in the correct manner. The exterior of an electric heater can get hot, so they should be kept away from children, pets, curtains and items of clothing in order to avoid them being burned. 
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