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Choosing a PC – Desktop vs Laptop

Desktop vs Laptop
Written by James

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When purchasing a PC, you have a basic choice to make even before you begin looking at features — should you choose a desktop or laptop. You have to look into your life style and goals when it comes to technology.

 The easiest way to make this decision is to look at the pros and cons for both platforms.



Portability – it can go almost anywhere you go.

Compact Size – a laptop generally takes up less space.

Integrated Monitor – laptops have an integrated monitor. There are some PCs that are all-in-one package i.e they integrates motherboard and monitor.


Scalability – a laptop is a ‘what you see is what you get’ proposition.

Screen Size – this may be an issue if you are getting older like me and looking at small screens is getting more and more difficult. Nevertheless, this can be resolved by an extra monitor.

Price – even though laptops have come way down in price over the past couple of years, they are still generally more expensive than a comparable desktop.



Scalability – a desktop gives you the advantage of the ability to upgrade the hardware as you require more power or features.

Screen Size – you can add any size screen to a desktop to fit your need.

Price – a desktop can be as much as half the price of a comparable laptop.


Portability – it is a chore to move a desktop from one place to another and they require an external power source since they do not have battery power capabilities.

Size – a desktop will almost always take up more space than a laptop.


Again, the choice depends on how you use technology and your specific requirements. Basically, if you do any of the following, you should consider a laptop.

Move around a lot.

Or to take loads of photos and needing a method of offloading them while on road.

Have a job that requires travel or on-the-road demonstrations.

Or to log in from anyplace in your home.

However, if the following are more important to you, I recommend considering a desktop.

Enjoy playing PC games or running graphically intensive applications that require a lot of processing and graphic power.

Would rather upgrade your PC than purchase a new one every time you need more speed or features.

Would rather log in at home than take your PC with you.

Have a tight budget and would like to get the best PC for the price.

Before making a choice, consider the pros and cons carefully so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase

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