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Believe it or not, Blogging and YouTube Go Hand in Hand

Written by James

Let’s talk about why videos like this can help your blog become more and more successful and help your business grow exponentially.

  1. Social Media is HUGE. As more and more generations are raised on Facebook, social media has enormous influence on how and where people spend their money.  In order to get them to open up their wallets to you, you must connect with them on a personal level so that they come to trust you and your blog together. Getting to see you “in person” and watch how you interact is key to bringing in more viewers.  The example of the blogger in this post is cute, refreshingly honest and full of personality.  I like her and I want to know more about what she is talking about just because of the way she presents herself.  YOU can do this too.
  • YouTube allows you to demonstrate your products so that people can see them in use and know how easy it is to use them once they purchase them. This takes away unknown fears and opens the door of opportunity for them to buy from you.
  • A little bit of “family” is created by using YouTube videos because you can share special moments and engage them in your life.  This is especially awesome for products that are used in the home, for sports or to increase wellness. Sharing your story will make them feel like a part of your family and family leads to loyalty (most of the time).
  • Expert skills can be seen when you show yourself off on a YouTube Video. If you present yourself as the expert in your field you can end up selling more product because people trust your judgement.
  • You can show events and get together occasions of people having a good time using your product. Happiness sells and you can see happy much easier on a video than you can through any other media.
  • How To Videos and Problem-Solving Videos are exceptionally hot commodities in a world where people want to learn how to fix all of their problems on their own.  By providing informative videos, you can offer your viewers smart ways to help learn new ways to do things and promote your products at the same time.

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