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A Road Warrior’s Guide to All-Around Home Protection

Home Protection
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You’re a road warrior. You eat, live, think, breathe business. You’re on the road nonstop, fighting to come out on top, make the best deal and be the best in your field. But what about what you’re leaving behind—your home? Frequent travelers have to leave their homes in the rear-view mirror, but that doesn’t mean they have to leave them undefended. Check out the following simple tips to keep your home safe when you can’t be there.

Install a Security System

Look for one that offers different plans and special features that meet your needs, like a living shield. Many modern systems offer extra flexibility by including monitoring apps for mobile phones and tablets, so road warriors can defend their realm even if they’re in hotel rooms or meetings.

Call the Police

You don’t have to wait until there’s been a crime. Be proactive. Call your local PD and let them know when you’re going to be away. They’ll keep an eye on your place and, when shady people see cops cruising your neighborhood, they’ll decamp to look for easier pickings.

Don’t Blab

Resist the urge to tell anyone about your trip unless they really need to know. That includes social media. Even if shared innocently, information spreads fast and might get to the wrong person. Wait until you return to upload pictures or update friends on your trip.

Put On a Show

Make your home look like you’re living there. Put your newspaper subscription on hold, stop the mail, set up a timer for your lights, and leave your curtains and blinds the way you usually do. Oh, and that spare key you keep under the mat? Take it with you or give it to a trusted friend or neighbor.

Turn Down Your Thermostat

Sometimes, Mother Nature threatens your home more than any crook ever could. You’ll want to leave the thermostat on so it doesn’t get so cold that the pipes freeze, but there’s no need to heat an unoccupied dwelling, either. Turn it down, but not past 55 degrees, according to While you’re at it, turn down the temp on your water heater.

Keep Up Appearances

If your lawn is normally mowed, hire someone to keep it trimmed while you’re gone. Ditto if you’re in a snowy area—you don’t want snow and ice piling up and being a dead giveaway to your absence. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your house, especially after a storm, and have them call you if there’s any damage.

Lock Your Garage

Just do it, even if there aren’t any doors or windows that serve as access points.


Walk through your house and disconnect all the electronics you won’t be using, like coffee makers, microwaves, personal computers, and television sets. Leaving them on is an expensive drain on power. Turning them off reduces the risk of a fire.

Secure Your Valuables

Put them in a closet or somewhere safe. Whatever you do, don’t leave them in plain view of any windows, according to State Farm. Be sure all doors and windows are locked, and if you have a basement door, lock the deadbolt.

If you are looking for industrial protection for your warehouse you can go for installing a LOTO station. They give a helpful and focal area to store padlocks, hasps and labels to guarantee that the important equipment is accessible 100% of the time to approved representatives who need it.

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