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3 Ways on How to Secure Your PC

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The constant threats from hackers and the wide availability of computers have made the need to protect your computer a must. The reason is that the main route that malware attacks your system is through the Internet’s service, the web. There are many ways in which you can protect and remove malware from your personal computer PC.

However, bear in mind that using one method is not enough to protect your computer. The best way is by using several defense layers, which will make it harder for hackers to access your computer. This post gives you 3 simple ways on how to secure your PC.

Installing Antivirus Software

• One way of securing your pc is through installing anti-virus software. It protects your pc from any software that poses a threat to your system, for example, Trojans, viruses, key loggers and any code that’s unauthorized. Keep in mind that unauthorized software can delete documents, slow down your computer and enable hackers to have access to your personal information.

• Remember that even if your system is free of viruses, you must install antivirus software, for example, Windows 8 antivirus software that may come with features such as blocking of pop-ups, identity theft, and email protection, which protects your system from future virus attacks. Some antivirus software may be free, while others are premium, which means you have to pay to download them.

Install a Firewall

• Firewalls come in two types; hardware and software firewalls and play the role of a security guard. A firewall is the first step when it comes to providing your computer with security.

• It works by coming up with a barrier between the unauthorized program coming in through the internet and your computer. If you’re using your pc at home, make sure that your firewall is turned on permanently, which will enable you to be aware when unauthorized efforts are trying to access your system.

Use Secure and Complex Passwords

• Another way of securing your computer is by coming up with complex and strong passwords. Bear in mind that hackers will find it difficult to break down complex passwords.

• The best way of coming up with complex and strong passwords is by combining numbers and letters, both in lower case and upper case, and a special character.

• Hackers use some advanced tools to break simple passwords in a few minutes. A recent study found that hackers can use 6 minutes to break down a 6-character password containing lower letters only.


Securing your PC should be easy for you using the above informative post. Make sure that you read the online reviews of antivirus software before you buy. It will enable you to know if their advanced features work or provide automatic updates, which will allow you to protect your pc from new viruses.

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